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Expressing Your Highest Self

by Brenda Wisniewski on 04/23/13

As I sit here and read all of the insights from people taking an "Evolutionary Relationship to Life" class with me, I'm inspired to blog. I'm extremely motivated to tell you that you are special, you matter and you are uniquely gifted and talented at being you. What does that mean? It means you can do anything you want, if you choose to go for it. I know first hand how hard it is to make lasting change. I know how hard it is to have will power to build the life of your dreams and to finally do what you say you're always going to do, yet never do. I've walked the walk. I know how fun it is to dream and how frustrating it is to be stopped, to hit a road block, and to have to start over. The point is don't ever give up on the dream. It is possible and you deserve it. It's not for other people, it's for you! It's for all of us.

We are meant to live to our fullest potential ~ we are meant to express all that we are in every moment ~ we are meant to express our highest self.

What does it mean to express your highest self? I've often used this term throughout the years because there was something inside of me that knew there really is a higher part of us waiting to be expressed. Now I finally get it. You see, we can operate in life from our ego or from this higher self. The higher self is the part that connects deeply with your heart, with others, with what you KNOW is right. The ego connects with your mind, what you should do, what's expected of you by others, it's connected with your limited beliefs about life and what's possible, your story. The ego is attached to "I" and the higher self connects to all. The higher self is more concerned about the well being of everyone and is not attached to how you look, being right or getting attention or acknowledgement. It does what feels right from the depths of your soul.

Imagine taking action, working and living your life from this deeper part of yourself. Imagine what would be possible. What would be possible in your relationships to others, your relationship to work, to money, to the world at large? Imagine allowing yourself to express this deeper knowing, this deeper connection and passion. What would life look like if you did this? What would you start doing and what would you stop doing?

We all have habits of self sabotage and one of our biggest ones is listening to our ego, or in other words, to the mind that won't stop talking and thinks it's right. When we learn (through practice) to let go of listening to the ego and instead start listening to our hearts, following the call from our higher selves, we free ourselves. We begin to experience a shift as we continue to practice coming from this place. This practice will allow us to gain momentum and eventually transform our lives and realize our dreams.

It is possible. Anything is possible if you put your heart to it. Go ahead, give it a try, what is your heart telling you to do? How can you express your highest self, right now, in this moment?

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1. Lucila said on 4/23/13 - 10:58AM
Thanks for expressing this Brenda. I love the distinction between our higher self and ego. I will express my higher self right now by walking to get my girls from school and smiling at those whose path i cross. So easy to look down and be self-involved but my higher self tells me that smiling makes a difference in people's lives, and I want to share that.
2. Sherri said on 4/23/13 - 11:58AM
Thanks for this post Brenda, so eloquent and lovely! I just finished listening to a call with Marianne Williamson and she describes how there are two categories of thought - one is fear and one is love. Everytime we deviate from love, its like light to darkness. Darkness is not a thing, it is the absence of a thing and you get rid of darkness by turning on the light, just as we get rid of fear by turning on the love. When we turn on the love, fear automatically disappears! As you say, our highest self is love, pure and simple and it is our divine alignment that makes all things possible in life! We are each responsible to express our highest self to the world in order that we may be most useful!
3. Brenda Wisniewski said on 4/23/13 - 12:21PM
Thank you Lucila for reminding us how simple it is to express our highest self. It's sometimes as easy as a smile and sometimes as big as a career change or forgiveness and compassion. And, thank you Sherri for reminding us that it is our responsibility to express our highest self to the world, choosing love over fear.
4. Secret Admirer said on 5/1/13 - 06:00AM
Brenda, I'm really moved by your writing. Very well done. Don't stop! Looking forward to much more.

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